Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

I really need to start making more time for this blog, I've been slacking big time.

The kids had a sleepover last night with 2 other kids. What a handful. I seriously don't know how some people have 4 kids. Takes a special person, I think. haha.

So, what's new with me? I've been kind of slacking with exercise, but doing much better with eating right. I can tell that the Zoloft is having an effect on my appetite. I'm not hungry as much, and when I do eat, I just pick at my food instead of scarfing it down. I'm not noticing much else from the Zoloft except for trouble sleeping. The first night of perfect, peaceful sleep was a fluke. I have yet to have a decent night's sleep since. Instead of taking the pill before bed, I'm taking it first thing in the a.m. from now on. I hope that helps. I miss sleeping! That is why I haven't been exercising as much - no energy! I have been good about using the bike every day and going 2 miles minimum a day on the NT, but I haven't touched my dvd's or weights since Friday.

I would also like to add that I found my Nordic Track log from May and DAMN! I walked 75 miles in less than 2 weeks! In one month, I walked 120 miles just on that machine. I miss doing that! I was slimming down so much.

How is it I can be so pumped to do something for 2 full months and suddenly just lose interest in the 3rd month? Seeing those pictures of myself really messed with my head & made me think, "what's the point?" I need to figure out a way to snap myself back into a good routine.

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