Friday, July 22, 2011

What's new...?

I have started a new diet. Giving low carb a shot. My goal is to keep my calorie intake below 1500 & my carbs 60 or under for the day. Today was Day 1. I have my weight from yesterday logged in my notebook. We'll check the difference in another week or so.

Today I went out and stocked up on notebooks. My old one was completely filled up. The first half of the notebook will be a food diary where I will also be tracking calories & carbs, and also filling it with recipes I happen to find that are healthy. The second half will be my workout log where I detail the type of workout and the calories burned. I am going to be shooting for 1000 calories burned a day.

I am looking into more alternatives for dinner, since we pretty much lived off of pasta for the last few years. I have no idea what to make that doesn't involve too much bread or pasta. Grr. I wish I were a better cook!

Next week, I'm kicking my own butt into gear because this week was a poor excuse for someone who is supposed to be on a diet and exercise plan.

I have been eating less & less with the Zoloft, it's ridiculous how little I want to eat these days! I have been craving soda though, which is no good. I gave in once & bought a 20 ounce & poured myself a small glass, maybe 6 ounces. The rest was given to Andrew.

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