Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred; Day 3


Someone suggested I go one day in between uses but I couldn't resist, it felt so good to make it to the end of Level 1 twice... but sadly I didn't even finish cool down tonight. As soon as the main work out was over, I shut it off. My muscles were screaming and I felt like all my limbs were on the verge of falling off, so I figured screw stretching! Hahaha.

I will walk a few extra miles tomorrow and perhaps even run one entire mile, see how that goes & just forget the DVD exists for one night. Start fresh on Friday! The pool opens up on Friday, too, so I will be getting in lots of extra exercise from that and lots of vitamin D!

In other news, tonight, on the Nordic Track, I beat my old best time for running a mile. Pretty pleased with that! I did 4 miles tonight. Not bad, considering how busy I was and & how sore every part of my body was feeling. I'm also alternating between walking and running now, and constantly using the arm cables. Also proud of that, since half the time I was using the cables and half of the time I was just holding on to the handles.

I have been doing great with all my goals so far, except I did give in and have 10 full size Tostito's last night around 1am. Andrew, my boyfriend, came home and he was snacking on them so I gave in and had a few. Oh well, as long as it doesn't become a habit again, right? I'm trying not to feel bad when I do something like that, and instead learn from it.


  1. Yeah. I know what you mean. My new thing is instead of thinking of my reward being food, I got Netflix. Now my reward is watching something. I'm so overworked that it seems like a dream to be able to sit through an entire movie. I put on a good romantic comedy (skinny women well dressed) and have hot tea while watching it and paint my nails. Then, I feel totally spoiled and more determined to be skinny again.

  2. I like that idea! I have two other people trying to get me to do Netflix, and I think it's a great idea. In the last month I've watched all the movies we own (the ones that are actually worth re-watching) while using the Nordic Track. Now I'm running out of stuff, and it's making me use the Nordic Track less. I don't ever watch TV - except for Teen Mom and 16 & pregnant, haha, so TV is out... But Netflix sounds like an awesome idea! I wonder how clear it comes in if I stream it through the Wii. There aren't any subtitles with Netflix though, huh? I am addicted to subtitles.

    Judging from the bikini pics you've been posting, you look like you're well on your way (if not there already!) to being skinny. And you can run a 5 minute mile! I'm jealous.


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