Friday, May 27, 2011

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred; Day 5

I ended up getting a pretty obnoxious sunburn today because I spent around 6 hours in the pool, so working out tonight was a bit of a challenge. Does anyone else burn like crazy no matter how much sunscreen they put on? I used SPF 75 today and reapplied every 30-45 minutes around noon and every hour on the hour after that and still burned right up. I usually get one bad burn each summer and then tan right through the sunscreen after that. Is that weird?

Happy note: I ran into someone I hadn't seen since last August and their jaw dropped when they saw me. I guess the weight loss is very apparent! I'm super excited. My friend Laurin saw me today and said it was very obvious I've been working out and that made me feel really great.

In celebration, I split a small strawberry Coolatta with Andrew, and also got a dough boy that I only had half of thanks to the kids & Andrew's help. Not the greatest choices, I know, but damn it -well deserved!

Anyway, I decided that since the pain from my sunburn was so bad I would have to postpone the 30DS for tomorrow, but I got to thinking... If I want to see changes, I have to keep pushing through a bunch of b.s. I would probably otherwise not want anything to do with. So I tried Level 1 anyway.

I can't believe I used to struggle through this DVD. I remember just a few days ago 27 minutes felt like hours and I would end the workout soaking wet from sweating so much. That's not the case tonight! Even though I was in pain, the time flew right by & I finished the workout with no trouble.

I am not sure if my streak will last much longer though. This weekend looks to be very busy & I can't guarantee I'll be able to get a chance to use the DVD. I am going to try really hard to use it. I'm thinking of shooting for first thing in the morning before the kids wake up instead of right before bed. I need to make sure I do it when they aren't awake or else it won't happen. They love to try and steal my weights or hop in front of me during the workout, or worse - sit on me when I'm trying to do crunches.


  1. You know, the thing I couldn't get over when I threw myself into vigorous exercise was:
    1. How "high" I felt afterwards.The rest of the day it was like having tons of caffeine with no jitters and I felt limber and warm and invincible.
    2. My stamina built upreal fast. Eventually, I'd be running on the elliptical and couldn't get my pulse up in target range, so I'd have to keep upping resistance and incline. It was insane.
    Congrats! It's all in how we talk ourselves into or out of the workouts.

  2. :) I agree with everything you said.

    I also get a lot of energy after exercising and I wish I could get up earlier and do it in the morning instead of at night before bed!


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