Saturday, May 21, 2011

My progress.

This week hasn't been so great for me, workout wise.

There have been a million things going on, and I was sick. We went down to Rhode Island on Sunday to see Andrew's dad in the hospital, and then went down again on Wednesday. Those were 2 nights I lost for exercising. I also missed Friday because I went to the drive in to see Pirates of the Caribbean and Thor.

The plus side is I've given up my late night snacking, I'm opting for fruit over crackers or chips, and I am drinking tons of water. My diet has definitely improved dramatically over the last two weeks. I can already see results! My face is thinner, my shoulders, my belly, my legs. My clothes are becoming more loose. I even weighed myself and discovered I have lost around 15 pounds! I am aware that most of it is water weight, but it still makes me feel as if I am doing something right.

Tonight I plan on making up for lost time tonight and doing a full hour on the Nordic Track without a break, and doing an additional 3 miles to make up for the 3 nights I missed this week, even though the 3 nights I missed equal 18 miles - not 3. It's still something though! I am going to start using my 30 Day Shred DVD on Monday. I didn't want to start it mid week, it felt like something I should begin a week with. I'm weird, I know.

I am hoping I can stay on track this coming week and do at least 30 miles. I think 36 was a bit much to expect to do this week with everything I had going on. 30 miles gives me 5 nights to get everything done and 2 nights off, and I really think that I need the break.

Goals for 5/22 - 5/28
- 30 miles on the Nordic Track
- Use the 30 Day Shred DVD each day
- Drink nothing but water
- Stay on track with fruits as snacks

- Limit myself to 2 treats in the week, not 8 like I had this week ( 6 Girl Scout cookies and 2 donuts - ouch!)

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