Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was watching Cars with the kids tonight after already walking a few miles so I decided it was crunch time. Literally.

I am trying to get to 100 crunches straight by the end of June. Tonight I got to 54 & had to stop. I wonder if I can do this? I used to do 200+ crunches a day in 2004! I want to get to that point again. Of course, in 2004, I wasn't trying to do all 200 at once, I did all sorts of different crunches over the span of a lengthy workout.

I know that physically, the crunches won't do much good since I have so much weight I need to lose. You won't see abs through belly fat, after all. It's more of an ego boost for me. Just knowing I can do it would mean a lot to me. The next thing I want to work on is REAL push ups, but that will take a while.


  1. Seriously, it will actually give you not only more shape, but support your spine better, creating better posture for workouts and for carrying yourself gracefully, so keep working the core. Sometimes, when I'm done doing my scrunches, I lay there and suck my tummy in and feel the muscles beneath. I know they're just waiting to show off when the layer of fat is gone.

  2. Really? That makes perfect sense but it never occurred to me! I am going to keep on going with this then! My boyfriend dared me to attempt 200. I told him in time I will get there. haha, not ready yet!


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