Friday, June 3, 2011

The scale & I might just become friends if this keeps up.

I weighed myself today because I was unable to find the measuring tape I've been using. I found another one lying around but I wanted to be consistent so I am holding out until I find the original measuring tape. Anyway, I wanted something to comfort me sooo... I weighed myself.

I've lost 24 pounds in 4 weeks & a day of dieting & exercising.

I know, that sounds really awful to lose so much at once. Keep in mind that I gave up having soda on a daily basis, and exchanged it for a ton of water instead, I opted for healthy fruits and veggies as snacks, and limited late night snacking to one night a week (movie night with Andrew!) - and even then it's only popcorn. The rest of the time, I don't eat anything outside of raw veggies or fruits after 730pm.

I've also been exercising a whole hell of a lot. Around 3-5 hours on most days. Some of it is walking with my kids, or swimming, but  a good portion of it is on the Nordic Track (around 45 minutes a night, to sometimes as much as 2 hours if I'm watching a good movie) or with DVD's (I spend an hour a day on The 30DS, and sometimes I use another DVD on top of that). I just can't stand being still anymore.

But damn, 24 pounds in 4 weeks? I know that sounds unhealthy, but when you take into consideration my  end goal for pounds lost (100 pounds total by May 2013) and all the crappy eating habits I gave up - like fast food, salty foods, soda, sugary sweets, and chocolate, I guess it makes sense. I have a lot to lose, and I'm finally exercising and eating right so my body will of course lose weight quicker at first. My weight will start leveling off soon, and I know that. I'm comfortable with that. I'm just so excited to know that I am doing everything right this time! I definitely plan to keep it up.

I am trying not to get too excited about the number, because I've decided it's more about how comfortable I hope to feel in my skin. Seeing that everything is paying off not only in measurements but also in pounds is a really nice perk.


  1. That's awesome and to be expected too because when you take out the simple carbs, you drop a ton of water weight because carbs keep water in your body. You can often times tell people who eat a lot of simple carbs by the puffiness around their face and fingers. That is exceptional! You are the incredible melting woman. Very well earned!

  2. Water weight or not, it's a great feeling! I can't believe the changes my body has made in such a short time. It's amazing.

    The bad news is that I am having a bit of trouble staying on top of things now that I have such an awful cold.. I actually skipped exercising entirely yesterday without meaning to because I had no energy. I woke up from a dead sleep at 2am and couldn't breathe because I was coughing so much and decided to work out for two hours. haha.


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