Thursday, June 9, 2011

Exercise, finally!

I went into the pool today for 2 hours+ & walked 3 miles last night. It feels good to be a bit more active again, but my god - getting back into the swing of things is going to be tough. I didn't realize how much a 4 day break would throw me off balance! I'm not exercising, so I'm not drinking as much water, or eating as healthy. I even had a milkshake today and I tend to avoid milk that isn't organic or soy like the plague. Oh well, I can tell I'm feeling better. Half a week for a break isn't so ridiculous if it's really needed.

I got my vitamins today, which I am thrilled about. Love those BOGO sales! I got Chromium Picolinate, Super B Complex, & some Vitamin D. I haven't even been taking my vitamins this week, except for vitamin C & echinacea. My throat has hurt too much to swallow so many horse pills. Today was the first day since Saturday that I had little to no signs of a sore throat. Starting my vitamin regimen up again tomorrow!

Anyway, I have a really great blog coming up, it's a bit different from anything you've seen me do so far & that's why I am so excited. I am not sure how long it will take to throw together, but maybe by mid week I can post it.

BTW, WOW! I am only a few views away from hitting 1000. Thanks for reading, everyone!


  1. Two hours in the pool sounds AWESOME! My hubby gets bored before I'm there an hour and wants to leave... lol

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  2. Aw really? The little ones make it interesting. Playing fetch with dive sticks is pretty fun too. We're easily amused. haha :)


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