Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's workout consisted of...

- Spent over 4 hours in the pool today.
I did a few laps, but mostly did aerobic exercises in the water when I wasn't busy playing with the kids.

- 4 miles on the Nordic Track.
Over 1200 calories burned, might I add, in less than an hour, to boot! According to the Nordic Track I burned 1200, but according to this calculator here, I burned almost 1500. Nice :) BTW that calculator is wonderful for almost every exercise you can think of! Random: I sooo want one of these.

- 150 regular crunches
I am kind of looking forward to my break tomorrow from crunches :)

- 50 reverse crunches
Mhm, done & done.

- 50 bicycle crunches
Ouch, these bad boys hurt.

- 20 REAL push ups
Did it, and it wasn't easy. I've never been able to do REAL pushups before! This was definitely the hardest part of my whole workout.

- 30 Day Shred
Done. I only did Level 1 because I didn't see a need to go all out since I did so much other exercising besides the DVD.

Other accomplishments for the day:
- Took my vitamins & supplements
Fish Oil, Super B complex, Chromium, Multi vitamin

- Consumed 120 ounces of water
I have started tracking my water & this is the most I've had since tracking began last week.

- Woke up at 9 & will be in bed by 1:30
No problem, I am exhausted! Andrew is working late tonight so I am not waiting up for him. I am taking a shower and headed off to dreamland. Looking forward to a solid 8 hours of sleep & getting up at a respectable time tomorrow!

- No soda.
Easyyyy! I do sometimes miss soda, but when I think about what is more important, health or soda, well - soda always loses.

In addition to all of those things, I also was very careful about what I ate. I wasn't nearly as hungry because of all the water I was drinking, but I forced myself to eat one thing, even if it was just some fruit or a piece of cheese or something, every 3 hours. I didn't go crazy at dinner time, and I haven't had any late night snacks, either. I'm proud!

I am looking forward to an easy day tomorrow. I only need to do 4 miles+ on the Nordic Track. I am taking a break from all other exercises tomorrow. All my goals & accomplishments are still going to HOPEFULLY be fulfilled, but so far so good!


  1. Wow, you do really good! It's amazing! I love pool exercises, I use the water weights, that's how I lost 50 pounds 2 years ago. That ring is so cool.

  2. I love your says 65 min on the elliptical kills 1,065 calories! But since it doesn't take speed, resistance, or incline into consideration, how can it be accurate?

  3. @Weight&Stuff I love pool exercises too! Swimming is such an amazing way to tone your arms, along with pretty much everything else. I even looked into some exercises I can start doing in the water in addition to what I do now. It's hard to do laps because it's the pool that everyone in my apartment complex uses & now that kids are on vacation, you can't get a clear shot from one end of the pool to the other. I do a lot of jumping around in the water with the kids. I will do pushups on the side of the wall, and various leg exercises since I can do those with ease and people won't really know what I'm doing, haha! I soo want that ring!

    @ Laurin, I don't know, that's why I mentioned that the Nordic Track's results were very different. But it does give you a decent idea, I think.


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