Thursday, June 16, 2011


You know the challenge I mentioned yesterday with the crunches? Last night I did 54 & had to stop. Today I made it up to 75! It's getting easier & easier! Andrew, my boyfriend, said I might as well make it 200 at the rate I'm going. We'll see ;)

I think it's funny/cute how concerned my friends are with me over-doing the exercising. I wish people understood that 90% of what I do is walking/running! It's not hard, and I don't think walking every day could be bad for anyone. I do devote at least half an hour a day to workout dvd's & occasionally a bit of strength training on the side. The crunch challenge is just something new to keep me motivated & see what I am really capable of.

Don't worry so much, people! I'm fine.

My counselor gave me tons of homework today, and I'm thinking I might share it on the blog. I have to answer these 4 questions with the first things that pop into my head & then try to rationalize the answers. I had her laughing her butt off earlier. One question was, "What is your motto or slogan on how you feel about life?" I laughed and said that, "Kurt Vonnegut said it best! Life is no way to treat an animal." She laughed but looked very concerned after. Oops?

Anyway, I think it might be kind of fun to share with all of you. It's kind obviously going to be really personal but I think it's going to help a lot. She says if I can be  honest and upfront with my feelings life will be easier. If life is easier, the weight will come of easier, too. It's all connected. Strong mind, strong body.


  1. You are too funny- I love your sense of humor and I'm totally stealing that quote.. Love it.


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