Thursday, June 23, 2011

Composure regained.

I am deeply sorry for the outburst yesterday. I felt horrible and needed to vent. It could have been done privately, but I am glad I posted it here. It's a reminder of the mindset I never want to let myself slip into ever again. I am not sure why I let everything add up & make me miserable. I couldn't even tell you. But it's over now, it's gone, it's done, & I am ready for a new day.

I didn't do too bad, if you think about it. I splurged a little. Had a few chocolate chip cookies, but not the whole box. I did have a bit of ice cream today, but just one ice cream bar, not two. I had popcorn yesterday, but I split it with the kids and my friends dog. I made a frozen pizza, but only had 3 small slices, and the kids had the rest. Things could have been a lot worse.

Even at my weakest point - yesterday - I still exercised & consumed over 100 ounces of water. It wasn't much exercise, but I did my crunches & I did the 30 Day Shred. Can I just mention that I now do 120 crunches a day followed by 20 regular sit ups? It's amazing to feel myself getting stronger. I really need to give myself credit.

Lately I'm really focused on back exercises and anything that can strengthen my core. I've always had a weak back and I felt that building up some of the muscle might help. I even took a picture of my back a few weeks back and another picture today and the difference is amazing. I can wear my swimsuit with a bit more confidence now.

Even though this whole week has been difficult, I am glad it happened. It taught me that I can't let emotions rule me anymore, and that I've worked far too hard and improved too much to allow myself to backslide so much. My mindset has changed, and I am ready to take on everything. No more moping, no more whining, just action. I always tell my kids that talk is cheap and actions mean everything. Anyone can SAY they will do something, but the follow through is what really matters. I'm really getting on board with that now.

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