Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I went clothes shopping today with plans on getting a pair of workout pants & a new skirt. I grabbed 3 sizes, unsure of where I would fall... None of them fit. I tried on one more size, FOUR sizes smaller than I am used to, and they fit PERFECTLY! Not only did I beat my goal of being down 3 full pants sizes by July 4th, but I lost an additional size on top of that! I am so excited. I even got two new shirts in a smaller size, too!


Words cannot express how content I am with my progress thus far. I can't wait until my birthday in November, I wonder what an additional few months will do to me! I hope they are as kind as the last two have been!


  1. Congrats!! That's amazing!! Can't wait till I start seeing progress like that.

  2. It's taken a long time. I've been working out reguarly since Late April, but I started in March. Definitely not easy, but so worth it.


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